Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting to Know Hassan Mead

Hassan Mead is only a freshmen at the University of Minnesota, but has already established himself as one of the top distance runners in the Big 10. This past fall Hassan took runner up honors in both the Big 10 Conference and MW Regional cross country championships and earned himself All-American honors at the NCAA Championships. On the track he is just getting started but posted an 8:01 3k at Washington to shatter the Freshmen record by more than 12 seconds.

Question: Your best performance thus far in your career?
Answer: It’s a tie between Regional Cross Country Championships and Big Ten Cross Country Championships.

Question: Is there a particular performance or moment that you consider a turning point in your running?
Answer: When I beat Elliot Heath at Fairbault Invite, breaking 15:00 for the first time and the Foot Locker Midwest Regional.

Question: If you could change one thing about your collegiate career up until this point what would it be?
Answer: No, everything always seems to work out some how. I wouldn’t change anything.

Question: The best looking girl in the sport of track and field?
Answer: There’s a couple of em. Kara Goucher, Mel Lawrence, Marian Jones (before steroids).

Question: Who do you think would win in an arm wrestling contest Hassan or Coach Plasencia?
Answer: Coach would win because he’s been on the arm crank for the last few weeks.

Question: In your short yet lustrous career in running is there any specific race that you feel was your best effort?
Answer: Big Ten Cross Country meet. I gave so much that I died in the end.

Question: Is there anything specific that you feel has helped you perform well year in and year out?
Answer: Ladies! Just kidding, just training and staying healthy.

Question: Have you ever had a nickname? If so what is it?
Answer: Yes, I’ve had a couple. The first one was Hassy. One time I had a shirt that said “Big Daddy” on it so some people call me that.

Question: If you could travel to any place in the world where would it be?
Answer: Mecca, in Saudi Arabia or Dubai.

Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?
Answer: Hands down, Angelina!!!!!!

Question: Chocolate vs Vanilla ice cream?
Answer: Vanilla

Question: What is your favorite food?
Answer: My favorite food is some lamb meat with beef and pasta.

Question: What is the biggest difference between college and high school?
Answer: More freedom, more school work, more responsibilities and your parents aren’t there to make you do stuff.

Question: What are you planning on majoring in?
Answer: Kinesiology

Question: When did you start running? What made you make that choice?
Answer: 6th grade, just to hang out with people after school. I started seriously training when I was a junior in high school.

Question: Did you play any other sports in high school? What were they?
Answer: I grew up playing soccer. I played basketball until I was a junior until I realized my dreams of going to NBA were crushed because I wasn’t going to get any bigger.

Question: What was your favorite tv show growing up?
Answer: I didn’t have a tv until I was 12 but once I did, I watched Dragon Tails with my younger sister everyday. I love that theme song! That’s how I learned English. I also watched Sister

Question: If you could improve in one area of your running, what would it be?
Answer: Starting, I’m so slow out of the start.

Question: What is your favorite movie?
Answer: Remember The Titans

Question: If you could meet any person who would it be and why?
Answer: If I could meet anyone I would meet Mohammad Ali because he is the greatest athlete to ever exist and he is a great person.

Question: Have you ever gotten stitches? How and how many?
Answer: Yeah 8 stitches in my head, from falling down a mountain, I flipped like 10 times. I was trying to go down a trail but I walked off of it and fell.

Question: Do you have any advice for upcoming runners?
Answer: Have patience.
(Interviewer- Sean Olson)

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